About Us
Currently, an increasing number of local events and actions about global warming are organized by individuals or groups in different parts of the world. The efficiency and effectiveness of these efforts would be maximized only if people act together.

The aim of the non-profit, non-political web platform in the morning of a day ® is:

  • to provide activists and event organizers with an opportunity to announce and promote their events and actions about global warming.
  • to inform the general public about these events and actions, and give them the opportunity to participate in them    
  • to connect the event organizers, by informing them about each others' actions
Additionally, to strengthen and promote the idea of collective action, this platform offers a song, called in the morning of a day. Feel free to listen to it, download it, sing it and share it with others, in order to raise global warming awareness.

All the information posted on this platform is organized in detail and shared with all its users.

Contact Information:

For questions and suggestions about the usage and development of the web platform

For questions about the legal issues and rights regarding the song

To contact the performer
Check out also: www.bethtrollan.com

To contact the composer

To contact the arranger

To contact the record label company for the song

Your in the morning of a day ® team